Breeding Principles.


The Quarterway breeding philosophy is to produce good solid, meat producing, performance animals with eye appeal & longevity. We believe in ‘real grass’ cattle genetics that add meat to calves – breeding practical cattle to add value to our clients’ breeding programs.

Underpinning the strength of our stud herds is that all cattle we turn off are structurally sound & fertile with depth length & width.  We breed for calving ease, not small calves.

Good feet & good temperament are paramount & cattle bred for longevity is a real money saver for clients.  Using both AI & natural breeding to achieve these selected attributes, we are quietly progressive in our approach.

Rather than follow the trends we stick to a time-proven formula – To produce “BIG” cattle with all the right attributes that meet our core philosophy – BREEDING YOUR PROFIT.

Big Cattle = Lots of Meat = More Money = More Profit for both our valued clients & our own commercial operation where we run a herd of 1000 females.

We trial, test & select our stud sires & dams vigorously & all home grown Quarterway bulls are tested on-property prior to being used over any of our studs’ females.


Using a combination of AI sires, predominantly from New Zealand & Australian studs, we continually introduce new sires that complement our program & add genetic depth to the herd.

New sires in 2022 include New Zealand sire Taimate Lazarus who is producing more moderate framed bulls, covered by a lot of meat & smooth shoulders.

Texas Horsepower has been a fantastic addition to our breeding program. Structurally correct, long & meaty calves are the epicentre of his progeny.

Nampara N244 is producing more moderate framed calves with a lot of muscle coverage.

Using our own “Homebred” sires is also integral to the types of cattle we produce.   Macgill, No Nonsense & Optional are strong sires & results of years of successful breeding to create what we believe to be the perfect Angus bulls.

If you are interested in learning more about Quarterway Angus cattle, please feel free to contact us at any time.